Whipp Shaper

Whipp Shaper - circa 1930

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Sep 30, 2007 - It followed me home

An untidy repair

All the pieces are there - the handles are in a box inside the truck

And the clapper claps freely. The electrics are well done with a 220VAC 1hp motor

I was very surprised to see this cover in place - all the screws match

The motor hanger and pully arrangement are well done - sturdy if not handsome

And the original post-mounted vise is included - with handle

Oct 8, 2007 - Sizing it up - it's big, heavy, and shaped oddly to boot.

A strategy evolves - Throw enough chains and hooks at it and it can't fail.

Dual winches to fine tune the balance point.

It's up, it's stable, it's time to get'er done.

The boom makes it look easy - just plucked it out of the truck.

It's a lot more balanced with so many of the pieces removed.

It's battened down and ready for the move.

This is an excellent way to move heavy stuff.

It was a close fit to get the boom into the garage.

It's on the pipes ready for that last push.

Just another nudge and it's finished.

That's it - it's home.

Some of the handles that have been cleaned up, deburred, and painted.

The wife said to look important, so I did.

That didn't work so she's got me standing on
the other side with an admonition to not look stupid.
Not sure that worked, either.

Oct 9, 2007 - Vise cover plate before

The cover plate after

Oct 10, 2007 - The vise, right side, jaw dimension. Jaws are 3.5" in top to bottom with 2.0" working height.

The vise overall side view and damn bad auto-focus example

The vise end view, width is 9.88" and height is 5.00" from deck.

The vise rails and screw. The mounting post is 1.25" dia.

The vise, left side, degree wheel is marked 90 - 0 - 90. The diameter is 8.5".

The vise max jaw opening with movable jaw flush with end of rail.
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