Lathe Projects:

Ball Turner

Ball turner tool holder

Sub-assemblies for the ball turner

Ball turner assembly

Ball turner screw detail
The screw is stainless steel. I had to make one because I couldn't find
one at the hardware store. The threads are interference fit to keep it
from unscrewing while turning balls. Hate that.

Threading Insert Tool Holder

Hob and Gear

Hob and resulting brass gear. Hob was fab'd from spare lathe lead screw.

Thread Dial

Thread dial with new gear installed

Thread dial with more new parts waiting assembly. The original was bought on Ebay
but had a 16 tooth gear and I needed a 24 tooth gear.

Oil Cup

Oil cup parts

Oil cup parts with size reference. The oil cup will be inserted into the top
of the dial to oil the shaft. The cup is 1/4" stainless rod, and the ball is from
an old carburetor. Not shown is the spring that keeps the ball against the filler
hole. It's an embellishment for the threading dial, but cool.

Slitting Saw Arbors

Dovetail cutter tool holder

Cutter Detail

The carbide insert is sitting too high above center
I'll need to redo this tool a bit.

After the rework

Damn - the tool diameter is now too small - the trailing edge of the insert is hitting the work.

Drill Chuck Vise Mount

Used for holding small parts for milling operations

Whipp 16" Shaper

New Parts for an Old Machine

The cross-feed ratchet was pretty beat up so I made new parts for it. Here's the new parts reassembled. The pinned collar is cracked and needs to be replaced. Waiting for a new taper pin and reamer.

Here's what it used to look like.

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