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General Discussion / Sometimes a guy just gets lucky...
« on: August 22, 2014, 08:25:37 PM »
A few days ago I bought a new kitchen faucet for a rental property we have. Took it to the house and opened it up. Inside the sealed package was a Leatherman Style CS tool...just sitting there...with a little bit of dirt on it. Apparently a worker at the Moen factory accidentally dropped it in the box as he/she packaged it up. One man's misfortune is another man's fortune. I just wiped off the dried blood and hair and stuck it in my pocket.

OK...I lied about the blood and hair. It was clean, but obviously "used."

Shop / Back-up tether for tour-pak lid
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:36:06 AM »
A while back the tether for my tour-pak lid became "fizzle-sprung" and came loose. Of course, the lid swung completely open about 240 degrees past closed. Bent the hinges, but didn't damage the tour-pak. <insert photo of me wiping forehead in relief> In an effort to avoid that scenario again, I bought a length of chain similar to the stuff with which you hang floures...flurouc...flouresc...those light fixtures with 4' long tubes in 'em. Dinked around with some nuts and bolts until I had the proper way to attach the aforementioned chain. It is a system completely independent of the original tether. It would be the envy of the people who work in the Department of Redundancy Department. Should the first tether break again, the chain will stop if from going any farther.

Shop / Blacked out some of the chrome
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:32:14 PM »
I'm in the middle of repainting my tank, and while I had it apart I figured I'd try that Plasti Dip Spray that I've been hearing about. It's the same stuff that ya dip the handles of a pliers to create a rubber coating for a better grip, but this comes in a spray can. The great part is that it doesn't damage the substrate. You can squirt it on paint or metal and peel it off when ya get tired of it. There are lots of videos on Youtube that show entire cars that were painted with it.

Anyway, I blacked out the chrome trim on both fenders and the bar for the tail lights. I'll let ya know how it stands up to the elements, but all the reviews I have read say it's very durable.

This link goes to a page with some pictures of the finished product. Scroll to the bottom to see them.

Shop / Had the bike rebuilt last year.
« on: January 08, 2014, 10:20:02 PM »
Drinks on my tab. Somebody in another post mentioned not getting a new bike or sumpin', so I thought I'd mention that I didn't get one, too. Here's what I had done to mine:

I didn't get a new bike, but last winter I had my old bike "newer-ized." (2005 Electra Glide Standard) It was getting kinda fuzzy around the edges and I felt uncomfortable taking it on long rides with the wife on it. She wouldn't be fun to be around if the thing shot craps in frickin' Tentflap AZ or someplace like that. The CFO (Lois, my wife) said "NO" to a new bike, but she let go of enough funds that I could have the 2005 rebuilt. I didn't do any of the work. I wanted the bike to be reliable, so I just had the dealer do it. Prolly spent way too much on it, but it was sure a lot less than a new bike.

Had the engine remanufactured. (BTW, the Korporate Spy told me that HD ships the engines off to S&S to have them do it. I have no problem with that. S&S has built a few engines before. <grin>)
Rebuilt the transmission.
Rebuilt the clutch.
New pulleys and belt.
Rebuilt the forks and neck bearings.
New swingarm bushings.
Upgraded cam plate/oil pump.
SE 203 cams.
New wheel bearings.
A few other small odds and ends were done, too.

The wrench at the dealer was glad to have that much work so he scrounged around and found a lot of new "take-off" stuff and put it on my bike for nuttin'. New handlebar switches, new grips, some fancy chrome fasteners here and there, etc.

About the time it was finished I developed a detached retina in my left eye. FWIW, I highly recommend not getting a detached retina. It involved much pain and I had to lay down on my right side 21 hours a day for 2 weeks. Mine was fairly bad and required quite a bit of work. (See photo below. Taken 2 days after surgery.) I was forbidden to ride for 6 months at least, so the bike sat in my shop...just begging to be broken in and ridden. But I was a good boy and waited. I now have 20/15 vision in that eye with a mild prescription in my glasses. But I digress.

Once I was able to ride I broke it in. Had some issues with poor performance and mileage at first (carbureted) but after a couple overnight stays at the dealer he finally got it dialed in. Great performance and good mileage now. Put about 17K miles on it last year.

Andy aka Big Stinkie

Off Topic / My niece, her purse, the Lincoln NE Police, and technology
« on: January 08, 2014, 12:56:35 PM »
My niece had her purse stolen, but technology, quick thinking and some help from her co-workers got it back and the bad guy will now witness his law enforcement tax dollars at work...up close and personal. To quote Hannibal Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together."

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