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    Like I don’t have enough to do I decided to get into the on-line forums effort with a Harley-Davidson oriented attempt. This is  part of an effort to provide full service for TheVirtualBarAndGrill.com. We’ll have the blog, the forums, the Gallery and soon, a classified ads section.

    So if you’re curious, have a look at the new forums section. Register, if you like – like all systems I run, no sharing of user information is done, so you won’t get spammed. Offer suggestions for forum categories if you have them.

    I’m curious about the classified ads section to be intro’d later. Specifically, what are the chances it will be useful? and what features are desireable. I do have one idea in the back of my mind – I’d like to see a percentage of each sale directed to a charitable activity – perhaps on a rotating basis, more than one target activity.

    Comments are open for a short time – or until the spammers find them.

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