• Thoughts on a winter’s day

    Was noticing the slight change in the weather as January gave way to February – it’s not warmer, there’s no sun shining through the low scud, but something feels different. I think my internal clock has noticed the hours of daylight are growing longer, and I hear more motorcycles than I have recently. Quite late one recent evening while laying in bed I caught the throaty growl of a Harley twin pulling the grade on I-90 a mile away. A long steady roar – somebody was braving the chill, and then it faded and was gone. Surely spring is closing in and I’m Jonesing for the road one more time…

  • You Can Contribute

    If you have a story, project, or road trip to tell and would like to have it published here, send it to me along with any photos and I’ll create a spot for it. This service is available to denizens of r.m.h.


  • Howzit!?!

    Posted on by dp

    This blog has no particular purpose other than to provide a place to experiment with WordPress stuff. There may or may not be additions but I’d not hold my breath waiting.

    Update: Time marched on and this is working out better than expected. I’ve made it a permanent part of the VB&G site. I’ll even drop in a new story from time to time.