The State of the Virtual Bar and Grill

Note to first time visitors: The Virtual Bar and Grill is actually a news group,, most easily found in Google Groups. It is where all this started and where it is still going on. This site,, is a site put together to service the off-group activities of the patrons of the “real” VB&G.

Penny used to write these “State of the Bar” posts and I loved reading them. She may also write one and if so these will cross in the mail. That’s ok, too.

The Road Forks

So ends another year – and with it a decade. This decade opened with a great fear of Y2K! Doesn’t that sound innocent in hindsight given what happened all the rest of these past 10 years. The dot com bubble burst at the opening of the decade and the financial bubble burst at the end of it. In the middle there was “you’re either with us or against us”, “weapons of mass destruction”, the fall of Baghdad, the fall of so much. We met new friends and lost good friends. Oh, lord you gave us a mountain.

What didn’t fall was the Virtual Bar And Grill. Here we are, getting on, making life work, adjusting, worrying some, but enjoying life. Did you make any parties this year? They were there to enjoy – won’t name them ‘cuz I’ll forget somebody and can’t have that! 🙂 But if you or someone you know made one you know this place is still working its magic. It was so good to see you all!

Lots of new slugs, more new Assholes, IRL’s all over America, friends greeting friends, saying how do you do, miles of smiles, bunches of support going to Eddie Kieger, and us all continuing to make life work. Yep – it’s been hard sometimes, might get harder, but hopefully a trip to the VB&G can reset your compass or rewind your watch, get you back on track.

So what is the state of the bar? It looks damn healthy from the PNWet. Got a new owner that promises to fix up all the plumbing, squeaking floor boards, and pave the parking lot. The shitter’s never looked better, probably never will. There’s potholes out there that have grandkids! Lots of fresh faces have wandered in, had their asses handed to them, then a beer – ever was it so. Part of the ritual of the place and soon enough they’ll be part of that on the other side. Haven’t seen any new additions to the rmhFAQ, but the rmh Parking Lot is filling up. And the state of the bar would be a sad thing without the long time participants coming in and raising hell and sounding a familiar voice, keeping the legacy alive. It’s so good to see old friends here again this year and for so many years, now.

A toast then, to all of you, or as Hawaiians say, all of us, to a great new year and the continued success of this very special place on the net. Cheers, all, cheers to our friends around the world. Long live r.m.h! All the best in the new year!