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  • For Sale: 1999 Road King

    Posted on by dp

    I hate to do it but I can’t ride it because of health issues. Here’s the details:

    • 1999 Road King, Mystique Green
    • Approx. 50,000 miles, 8,000 on engine
    • 103 Cubic Inches
    • CNC Ported Heads
    • SE Performance Mufflers
    • 45mm Mikuni flat slide carb
    • SE 258 Cams
    • New Starter Motor Bendix Drive
    • Adjustable Push Rods
    • Low-miles on tires – less than 10 miles on the rear, 2000 or so on the front
    • Removable tour pack, luggage rack with passenger backrest, Mustang seat

    I’m asking $5,500. What is it worth to you? Contact me at dp@TheVirtualBarAndGrill.com

    And here’s some pictures (This could be you!):

    When new with only 500 miles on the odometer. It still looks that good!


    Grand Tetons, 2006 EKIII Run
    Grand Tetons, 2006 EKIII Run


    Near Banff
    Near Banff


    Glacier Parkway, BC, CA
    Glacier Parkway, BC, CA


    Glacier Parkway
    Glacier Parkway

    Or visit the album at http://thevirtualbarandgrill.com/gallery2/v/personal01/dp_gallery/rtts2000/

    Or visit all my albums at http://thevirtualbarandgrill.com/gallery2/v/personal01/dp_gallery/

  • Another Year of Riding Winding Down

    But this year never started. For the first time in 10 years I have zero miles ridden on the bike. A nagging problem of nearly frozen shoulder and bursitis and me being overly cautious has caused my bike to spend the entire year in the garage. Lordy I miss the highway. I have more mobility so if I don’t fall off the roof or slip on the ice this winter I should be able to get back out there.

    So this year’s memories will be of years gone by. Fortunately I have a nice place to visit old friends and old rides: http://thevirtualbarandgrill.com/gallery/dp_gallery. It’s full of summer smiles. And here’s one taken the day the bike followed me home from the dealer. It was a gorgeous day in May of 1999 and the backyard was the perfect setting:

    May, 1999
    May, 1999

  • Latest play thing

    Like I don’t have enough to do I decided to get into the on-line forums effort with a Harley-Davidson oriented attempt. This is  part of an effort to provide full service for TheVirtualBarAndGrill.com. We’ll have the blog, the forums, the Gallery and soon, a classified ads section.

    So if you’re curious, have a look at the new forums section. Register, if you like – like all systems I run, no sharing of user information is done, so you won’t get spammed. Offer suggestions for forum categories if you have them.

    I’m curious about the classified ads section to be intro’d later. Specifically, what are the chances it will be useful? and what features are desireable. I do have one idea in the back of my mind – I’d like to see a percentage of each sale directed to a charitable activity – perhaps on a rotating basis, more than one target activity.

    Comments are open for a short time – or until the spammers find them.

    Forums This Way!