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  • S.N.I.F.F. 2016


    October 14 – 15!

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    Redbeard Emeritus

    Your host, Redbeard Emeritus

    For years it´s been postulated that whether an early October party in Jackson was announced or even if we just quietly slipped out of town, most Shirley a party would ensue in any case. Well, this time we’re not going to test the entire premise. We’re planning to be around. And tho we´ve never had any real experience with a BYOP (Bring Your Own Party), we´re game, so here goes.

    The theme for this year´s festivities is:

    “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”

    (Of course shoes never have been a part of the package, so why start

    Now pay attention. We´re talking about the second Friday of October but not the second Saturday! This would be October 14 – 16th. If folks of good will were to show up on Friday or even Saturday (or even Sunday) and loiter on or about the property, we will not call the cops to have the place cleared. Thirsts will be quenched (or bring what you want); palates will be sated (at least in the evenings). We cannot ensure that no lies will be told (by accident
    or even on purpose), but we can safely predict that much merriment will no doubt break out.

    We have a block of rooms reserved at

    The Best Western Amador Inn
    (209) 223-0211

    at a rate of $79/night.

    Or you’re welcome to throw out a bag, but we make no promises about nice quality sleeping sites. (The property is not exactly level.)

    Your humble hosts,
    John & Connie Herrell
    1 French Bar Road
    Jackson, CA 95642

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